The concept of 5S in the Forging Line of Industry..

We’re big fans of lean manufacturing practices and 5S based on the results we’ve seen in the forging companies.  If you are not embracing and implementing the 5S concepts, chances are that your forging company is not moving ahead.  If you are not continually improving you are moving behind compared to your competitors.

The 5S program is generally adopted by the companies to start their lean manufacturing program. Five S is an easy process to understand and implement.

Five S (part of Toyota Production system) is a reference to five Japanese words. Five S is reference for “standardised clean-up”. Five S also supports other lean ideas such as TPM, SMED, JIT etc.

Five S uses 5 Japanese disciplines:

  1. Seiri (sort)
  2. Seiton (set)
  3. Seiso (shine)
  4. Seiketsu (standardisation)
  5. Shitsuke (sustain)

Thus 5S helps to organise the work place, streamline production, reduce waste and non –value added services as also improving safety of the workers and quality efficiency at the work place.

The ultimate result of 5S is always overall increase in continuous success by constantly eliminating the non –value added activities, improving product quality, reducing costs nad thereby increasing profits .




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