Application of forgings and their importance

Forgings are mostly used where human safety, dependability, and reliability are top priority and critical. The process of forging creates components and parts that are much stronger than those developed and manufactured by any other metalworking processes like casting, forming, or sintering.

Forgings are generally component or constituent parts that are enclosed inside assembled items. This is the reason why we rarely see any forgings openly.

Forgings are important input for mostly industries like automobiles, airplanes, ships, tractors, engines, missiles, oil drilling equipment, and all kinds of capital equipment.

Forgings find their application in every industry. But in the following industries, forgings are significantly used.

  • Automotive & Truck
  • General Industrial Equipment
  • Off-Highway Equipment/Railroad
  • General Industrial Equipment Ordnance/Shipbuilding
  • Ordnance/Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Valves, Fittings, Oil Field Applications
  • Hand Tools & Hardware
  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

The common applications of forged components have been detailed in separate article. Don’t miss it !

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