Selection of Machinery on basis of Material

Selection of Machinery on basis of Material

Selection of Machinery on basis of Material

This article provides a comparison among Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Copper, Copper Alloy, Carbon, and Alloy Steel Forging Processes based on selection of machinery for forging them respectively.

  • STAINLESS STEEL:  Drop hammer Forging can be used for open and closed die forgings. For small forgings, we can use Mechanical presses or hydraulic  presses, but die life is usually shorter in a hydraulic press than  in a hammer because the work metal contacts the die for a longer time in hydraulic press.
  • ALUMINUM ALLOY:  Drop hammer forging is the most suitable for Al alloy forgings because of its control in length. Stroke, force and speed of blow are useful for their sensitivity to strain rate, Mechanical presses can also be used for Al alloy forgings.
  • COPPER AND COPPER ALLOY: Mostly the mechanical presses are used for Cu and Cu alloy forgings because production rate is high and less operator skill is needed and less draft angle is required in press forging.
  • CARBON AND ALLOY STEEL: All types of hammers and presses can be used for carbon and alloy steel according the requirement of job.

Comparison has been made on various other factors. Read them for better understanding the differences.

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