Forging products

Forging products

Various automobile parts are produced by forging process. The following are few products manufactured by forging companies.

1. Gear Blanks– Gear Blanks are the input for gear manufacturing process. Before hobbling, broaching, and other operations of Gear manufacturing process, Gear blanks are developed. The quality of gear depends particularly on forgings or forged gear blanks.

2. Countershafts– To transmit motion from the main shaft of a machine to a working part like the driveshaft or the motor, Countershafts are used. They are adjacent to the main shaft of the manual gear box. Countershafts are used to reverse the direction of rotation.

3. Stub Axles– A stub axle is one of the two front axles that carry a wheel in a rear wheel drive vehicle. It consists of wheel bearings that support the wheel hub. The axle is allowed limited angular movement about the kingpin for steering the vehicle.

4. Boss Rotors– Boss Rotor manufacturing is usually done for Magneto Assembly in motorcycles and 2 wheelers.

5. Yokes– Steering Column Yokes are high precision components. They are graded as high safety products due to its application in steering assembly.

6. King Pin– King Pin is the main pivot in the mechanism of steering in a vehicle. King Pins are also n vehicles. King Pins are capable of carrying heavier weights and therefore are mostly used in Large or Heavy Vehicles.

7. Hexagon nut– It is a nut of hexagonal shape. A nut is fastener with a threaded hole. Hexagonal is the most usual shape since a bolt head of 6 sides gives a good granularity of angles for tools.