What Is Steel Forging Process?

“Steel Forging” – Turning back the pages to the early ages, a forge smith was the protagonist at fabricating ancient sorts of forged steel. He used water to wet the alloy and strike it over an anvil with a forging hammer. China and Persia contemporary methods began behaving throughout the 1800s and shaping up.

steel forging process

When steel is heated to forging temperature, it becomes ductile and malleable by simply applying pressure and be moulded into a certain form. With processing procedures, steel forging enables a billet of steel to be shaped indefinitely because of its plasticity.Forged steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Steel forgings have ductility than any other steel processing system, finer grain structure tensile strength, fatigue life/strength that is better, and has surface porosity.

Steel forging can be classified into three categories depending upon the temperature:


The temperature is between 750 and 950 degrees Celsius. It demands higher forming forces than cold forging and contributes to the formability.


The forging temperature is in room condition, self-heating around 150 degrees Celsius because of the energy that is stored. It needs forces that are forming and results in low formability.


The forging temperature is between 1250 and 950 degree Celsius, above the recrystallization temperature. It ends in formability and requires forming forces.

The Advantages Of Steel Forging Are:

  • Steel forge parts are free from defects which can lead to load failure, pockets, or gas voids
  • Forged steel components are much more dependable than cast or machined parts and stronger Steel forgings are used when quality can’t be contested.
  • Steel forging is utilized due to its strength, availability, and technical metal types including stainless steel and carbon steel.
  • Steel forge parts provide more endurance and reliability capabilities
  • Steel forgings make possible designs that accommodate high loads and stresses Steel forgings provide uniformity of composition and structure.

Thus, these positive features of steel forging acts like a strength and it features every industry from automotive to manufacturing and machines.

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